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Customized digital strategy specialists

WMIND is an innovative agency of entrepreneurs and marketing & digital professionals.

In recent years, technology has revolutionized our lifestyle, changing our habits and the way we communicate . The world of business was inevitably involved, giving rise to the need to renew itself by adapting to the new trend. The market therefore feels the need for change, for evolution. This is a radical, all-round change that affects all areas, without exception.

While some realities have adapted to the new dynamics and continue to grow in this sense, in others the evolution towards digital is proceeding slowly and adaptation to new forms of communication is still difficult.

In this scenario, knowing how to communicate better and having the right tools can represent for some an opportunity , that is the possibility of distinguishing themselves and "winning" over their competitors: becoming the first to trigger change in their ecosystem, drawing consistent competitive advantages and dismantle the competition . WMIND has invested precisely in this: it has joined forces using different sectors, developed a business idea, planned a strategy and developed the tools to make it happen.

Here are some of our projects started, some of these have already become a reference for their own sector.

Our business

WMIND is a digital company that invests first of all in itself: experimenting with tools and strategies, we create projects of value and then transfer our experience to our customers' projects.
Digital innovation and artificial intelligence for marketing and business organization.

WMIND srl is an innovative agency born from the profitable experience of entrepreneurs and professionals in the commercial and communication sector who have finalized a working method based on their own business successes. Digital innovation and artificial intelligence are added values in a marketing strategy and business organization.

A project is made up of several parts that must be created, followed and developed gradually. In the implementation, different variables and multiple aspects come into play and each of them must be treated equally and simultaneously with respect to the others.

For this reason it is necessary the intervention of different figures who are dedicated to each of these aspects.

Our team is a correlation of complementary skills that are deal with the various aspects of communication : from the analysis of competitors to the programming, analysis and optimization of positioning on search engines, from the management of social networks to advertising tools.

The focus always remains the strategy - not only effective but also winning - that satisfies the wishes of our customers, our job is to create or adapt to measure digital tools.