Colli Euganei
Streaming Festival® broadcasts online live music and art shows from unique and spectacular places

Streaming Festival® is a project born from professionals of digital, web marketing and videomaking with the support of innovative start-ups that use drones (APR) for video shooting and telemonitoring.

Music or live DJ sets curated by famous or emerging artists with music of all times played live streaming , live on the social channels of the location, the artist, the organization (all at the same time), from unique and panoramic places , secret until the moment before the live broadcast or the announcement with a video direction with five cameras with operators mobile , drones FPV and APR systems for spectacular aerial shots .

WMIND takes particular care of live streaming simultaneous on all platforms and social networks, thanks to the internal team of developers and IT technicians we have implemented a system to be able to go online on all platforms simultaneously to ensure the greatest possible visibility and a high percentage of engagement.

DJ sets or timeless melodies, live streaming from unique places, also with drone footage