Colli Euganei
Information portal for the digital promotion of the Euganean Hills through innovative tools and strategies
The project was born with the construction of the web portal of the same name in 2013 by one of the partners of WMIND srl and has developed over the years as one of the first platforms for the development of new applications and digital solutions integrated by the company.

The portal's strengths were geolocation with the integration of Virtual Tours -creating an unprecedented unique navigation experience- as well as unique textual and photographic content.

The site, born as an experiment, soon became the first presence on the web and, consequently, a point of reference for users seeking information on the Euganean Hills. A Facebook page and a Instagram profile were created, welcomed with great enthusiasm by the Euganean Hills enthusiasts, who in turn were immediately actively involved.

It is evident how much people (not only those who live in the hills) are fond of the Euganean Hills and want to give their contribution to promote the territory, that is why is for us a project open to any form of collaboration, integrating and enhancing from time to time the services that the site offers.

In 2015 the Associazione Colli Euganei was set up, bringing together all those who over the years have taken part in the project over the years (cultural associations, professional and amateur photographers, cyclists, hikers, trail and running enthusiasts, local administrators, etc.), with the aim of creating a direction for the coordination of this project, which has become the territory's primary digital presence.
Tourist portal for the promotion of the Euganean Hills, the first Natural Park of the Veneto Region